Soil Builder 20L Duo Pack


Perfect size for  home gardens and small acreage.

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  • Ideal for Vege Gardens, Plants, Trees, Fruit Trees, Ornamental Gardens, Lawns and Turf.
    • delivers minerals and nutrients as nature intended
    • improves root growth and water retention
    • boost flowering and fruiting
  • This pack includes a 20L Micro Feeder.
    • assists in restructuring the soil profile.
    • contains sea kelp to boost growth.
  • Application rate is typically 40L per acre or 100L per hectare.
    • 1L covers an area of up to 150m2 for fruit trees and lawn, 250ml for vege gardens, home gardens and native vegetation.

NB Mix equal parts of Soil Builder and Micro Feeder eg 1L of each with 8L of water to apply.

For properties larger than 1 acre please contact us for special pricing

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Dimensions 360 mm


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